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OATH Boxes

$550 - with bees
$200 - without bees (empty box)

Our hive boxes are an OATH design (Original Australian Trigona Hive) that supports easy splitting/propagation of the bees.

Made from 25mm thick untreated wood and includes: 3x sections, bottom, top & honey (Super); brood excluder; split/anti-slump bars; removable roof; perspex top (for viewing); primed & painted with exterior paint (multiple coats) and comes with 12 months warranty (if maintained correctly).

Can deliver if local, otherwise pick up required.


OATH Splitting Services

$100 - you provide new OATH box
$300 - includes new OATH box

Would you like to turn an existing hive you own into 2 hives? I am happy to do the split for you and/or share what I have learned, so you have the knowledge and confidence to do it yourself.

You can can either build/provide your own OATH box for the split or I can provide you with one of my OATH boxes.

Splitting services are best done at the hives location/address. Pricing of this service is based on the address being local within the Brisbane area.

Transplant/Removal Services

$200 - you provide hive box
$400 - includes new OATH box
Free - if you don't want the bees

Have you found a wild Australian native stingless hive on your property? If so, native bees should be left alone in their natural environment. If for some reason the bees are at risk, eg: hive is within a fallen tree, damaged stump or in a water meter, they can sometimes be relocated.

I can assist with relocating a hive into a suitable box. Prices vary if you own an empty hive box, would like me to provide an OATH box or if you do not want to keep the bees, I can remove the bees at no cost.

Transplant/removal services are based on the address being local within the Brisbane area.